Stagg Pour-Over Filters


These paper coffee filters are specifically designed by Fellow for use with the Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Dripper. There are two sizes (X & XF). Please make sure to pick the right size for your coffee dripper!

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Stagg Paper Filters – for [XF] and [X]

Paper filters are designed specifically for our drippers’ steep slopes. Make sure you snag the correct filter size dependent on which dripper you have! (Hint hint, tall filters if you use Stagg [XF] Dripper and short filters if you use Stagg [X] Dripper.)

  • › Stagg X filters – 50 in a pack
  • › Stagg XF filters – 45 in a pack
  • › Flat bottom design

A grinder and dripper in one.

The truth about great coffee is that 100% of it is freshly ground. Yip the biggest contributing factor for a great cup of coffee is that it’s always freshly ground. The Grindripper drip coffee maker is the most compact freshly ground cup of coffee on the market. It combines a coffee grinder and coffee dripper (Pour Over). The adjustable ceramic burr delivers the highest quality ground for anything from Mocha through to filter grind. The coffee dripper fits directly onto the grinder, providing a seal-tight grind chamber. Grindripper is made from the highest quality Tritan BPA-free plastic (ultra heat resistant and not detrimental to your health). Grindripper is the freshest, most compact drip coffee-making kit on the market. Perfect for the office, or coffee travel kit.

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X size (small) (50qty), XF size (large) (45 qty)


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