Able Aeropress Travel Cap




The AeroPress® is our go-to travel coffee maker. Light and compactness are key when either backpacking or on the road. The plunger seemed like a great solution to store coffee, filters or anything else you can think of. So we designed a simple cap made of food-safe elastomer that fits nicely and securely. It also provides a comfortable grip when plunging and a nonslip surface for inverted methods. 

From the makers of the stainless steel reusable filters. The Able AeroPress Travel Cap serves a number of very useful functions for AeroPress users.

  1. It provides a grip on the plunger to make pushing down a little more comfortable
  2. It allows the plunger to become a sealed storage container when traveling
  3. It provides a non-slip grip to the plunger when you’re using the inverted brewing method

This versatile rubber disk is made of food-safe elastomer and is manufactured in the US by Able, specifically for use with the AeroPress.


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