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  • Macadamia Milk


    Daniela has made it her mission to find the perfect milk alternatives to enjoy with coffee. If you have not tried Macadamia milk you are in for a treat. Although she has tried many nut-milk alternatives, macadamia milk has come the closest to not overpowering the coffee taste and you end up with warm nut-milk. (euw) Macadmaia milk is also the most creamiest.

    Complimenting your cuppa coffee perfectly!

    This is a real treat for dairy-free milk drinkers

    MILKLAB Macadamia is a premium, foodservice exclusive macadamia milk that textures, stretches and pours with high performance.

  • Oat Milk


    Oat milk is the perfect substitute for dairy-free coffees!

    Oat milk is creamy and does not interfere with the coffee taste. Therefore it doesn’t taste like a warm oat beverage. The coffee (depending on the roast) cuts through quite deliciously giving you a creamy milk coffee!

    MILKLAB Oat is the new, creamy alternative to dairy.

    Our Oat milk is a foodservice exclusive barista milk that textures and stretches with high performance to produce the perfect pour. The performance capabilities of MILKLAB Oat are complemented by a rich, oat-y taste which is delicious with espresso-based coffee.