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  • Baratza Encore Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


    “The grinder is the most important part of your coffee set up and the Encore is the only entry-level electric grinder I would purchase.” Wayne Oberholzer, SA Barista Champion 2012/15

    Lauded as THE go-to entry-level grinder for those brewing coffee at home. This compact grinder punches way above its weight. High-quality steel conical burrs deliver a very consistent grind, ideal for plunger/French press, pour-over, AeroPress, siphon, Moka pot, and even fine enough for espresso.

  • Baratza Sette 270 High Speed Coffee Grinder


    The Baratza Sette high-speed series is the fastest domestic coffee grinder and is packed with high-end features and technology.

    A revolutionary design that set a new standard in simplicity, efficiency, and durability. Unlike any other grinder, only the outer burr rotates, whilst the inner burr remains fixed, doubling efficiency and promoting reliability. Coffee passes straight through increasing speed, eliminating residue and minimising noise. The top of the range Wi model was the first domestic grinder to feature gramma-metric (weight-based) dosing and can sync with the Acaia’s smart coffee scale.

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    NANO Ultra Compact Coffee Grinder


    The Nano is the compact model within Timemore’s award-winning hand grinder range. At 15g capacity (1 cup) this little grinder still packs the same grinding punch as its larger siblings. Tested against the top hand grinders in the world, the Nano came out tops for consistency and grind uniformity. The dual ball-bearing system and precision-cut metal burrs allow for effortless grinding and unmatched grind uniformity. The alloy aluminum machined unibody is virtually unbreakable and feels sturdy and grippy in hand. The spring-loaded fold-away handle tops off Timemore Nano as the most compact travel grinder out there. The fine diamond-pattern detailing, and laser precision build really does put this compact grinder in a league of its own. True dynamite in a small package.

  • Single Dose Hopper (Encore/Virtuoso)


    Baratza’s new Single Dose Hopper is designed for you to explore different coffees daily. Your entire household can easily switch between decaf or regular, single-origin or blends, light or dark roasts. The Single Dose Hopper keeps your grinder ready for what your palate craves.

    This tool allows you to measure out and single-dose only the coffee beans you need for your brewing recipe. The dual-purpose lid of the hopper integrates a cup for dosing on your preferred weighing scale and a transfer vessel for your dose to pour directly into your grinder.

    The hopper is simple and quick to install and use. Just pop off your current hopper and replace it with the Single Dose Hopper.  Does not require additional tools or modifications.Compatible with our Encore, Virtuoso+, Vario, and Forte grinders. Capacity 60grams.

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    Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder


    STOCK NOTICE: Arriving Mid-End of March 2022. Order while on sale and we will get it delivered as soon as we get stock. This award-winning grinder has been precision-engineered, matching exquisite looks with amazing performance. Timemore’s dual ball-bearing system and precision-cut metal burrs allow for effortless grinding and unmatched grind uniformity.

    Grind uniformity is the most important aspect of a coffee grinder as allows for better extraction and therefore more flavour in the cup. The Timemore Chestnut C1 has a 20-30g capacity (1 cup) and is precision machined from alloy aluminum. A finely engraved texture finish provides a grippy, sturdy feel in your hand for the ultimate hand-grinding experience.
    Available in black & red handle.

    A coffee grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment you can own. A good quality coffee grinder is sometimes overlooked. Especially when you have just purchased a piece of exciting new brewing equipment and delicious new coffee!

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