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  • Cuppamoka all-in-1 pour-over coffee maker and travel mug


    The clever design conceals the pour-over cone within the thermos mug. Just screw out the cone, add a paper filter, ground coffee, and pour away. Coffee drips into the double-walled travel mug, which vacuum seals to stay hot for up to 3 hours!


    • Pour-over coffee enhances filtration to produce full-flavoured ultra-smooth coffee
    • Ultra-compact, all-in-one, and lightweight
    • An isothermal flask keeps your coffee hot for up to 3 hours
    • Vacuum sealed for zero leakage
    • Superior drinking comfort from ergonomic drinking lid
    • Fits all car cup holders
  • Hard Case (Pipamoka)


    Keep your Pipamoka Nomadic coffee Maker safe in this hard case!


  • Nanopresso Double-Shot Barista Kit


    A full set of accessories packed in a small container. Prepare double espresso (16 grams of ground coffee) up to 120ml.

    Perfect for sharing with a friend, enjoying double the coffee, or making any wide range of cafe favorites from lattes to cappuccinos. Please note: You cannot make coffee with the barista kit alone. A separate Nanopresso needs to be purchased.

  • NS Capsule Adapter For Nanopresso (Nespresso compatible)


    The Wacaco Minipresso range is perfect for On-The-Go coffee lovers with a wide range of accessories that ensure the perfect brew in any location whether you are relaxing at home or enjoying the great outdoors. With no need for electricity, the manual pressure pump makes it ideal for camping, hiking or road trips. The robust design and easy to clean instructions guarantee years of use

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    Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker and Flask


    The Pipamoka’s revolutionary design makes a perfect cup of filtered coffee in under 3 minutes and stays hot for up to 4 hours. Stylish ergonomic design provides a compact, quick and easy on-the-go coffee solution.


    • Almost half the time of a cafeteria/French press
    • The vacuum brew method shortens brew time and extracts more flavour and aroma
    • An isothermal flask keeps your coffee hot to enjoy at your leisure
    • Precision cut metal filter produces the cleanest cup without the need for filter papers
    • Pipamoka prevents excess bitterness from over-extraction as brewed coffee is separated from coffee grinds after brewing
    • The revolutionary brew method is foolproof and super easy to use
  • Pour-Over Set


    The perfect gift for any coffee lover, especially specialty coffee lovers!

    If you know of someone who is a specialty coffee lover, you will know how important their coffee is to them! We can guarantee you, you will impress them with this gift! Even if you do not know much about specialty coffee.

    Get them some coffee while you are at it! Our single-origin coffees are perfect for this pour-over set. Get them the beans, you know so they can use their grinder. ;)

    Pour-over gift set includes:

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    Vacuum Coffee Storage Container


    Don’t let flavour dissipate! Store your coffee properly in an airtight, vacuum seal storage container and prolong the life of your coffee by up to 3 times!


    • Made from stain-resistant Borosilicate glass
    • Pump seal and easy release button
    • Stackable
    • Lids are interchangeable between sizes
  • Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


    Wacaco’s ultra-premium thermo cup ticks all the boxes for a hot and cold travel cup:


    • 300ml capacity
    • An isothermal flask keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours
    • Vacuum sealed for zero leakage
    • Superior drinking comfort from ergonomic drinking lid
    • Fits all car cup holders