Big Bay Beach Brew Coffee Trailer

Coffee lovers can now enjoy our coffee in interesting locations. Our Big Bay Beach Brew Coffee Trailer is fully equipped and ready to serve coffee anywhere. 

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Markets
  • Sport Events
  • Board walks
  • Weddings
  • Functions
  • Conventions
  • School Events
  • Gala’s

We focus on serving specialty coffee. We are dedicated to serving quality and flavourful coffee.

If you are buying the beans or a cuppa coffee at our trailer. You are guaranteed to satisfy your coffee craving.

We also make sure the coffee compliments milk alternatives. 

If you see us stop by our trailer we love to also chat all things coffee. 

Get in touch with us if you would like us to serve coffee at your market/event. 

We are passionate specialty coffee drinkers, who enjoy rock and roll and adventure!

Big Bay Beach Brew’s name was inspired by Big Bay Beach situated along the West Coast in Cape Town and our branding is inspired by the West Coast lifestyle.

We wanted a coffee brand that not only has delicious specialty coffee, but also shows off the West Coast Lifestyle.

If you looking for a coffee trailer for your events that not only make delicious coffee but bring a cool vibe.

Get in touch!