Who is Big Bay Beach Brew?

We are passionate specialty coffee drinkers, who enjoy rock and roll and adventure!

Big Bay Beach Brew’s name was inspired by Big Bay Beach situated along the West Coast in Cape Town and our branding is inspired by the West Coast lifestyle.

We wanted a coffee brand that not only has delicious specialty coffee, but also shows off the West Coast Lifestyle.

If anyone has ever been up the beautiful West Coast, you get that feeling of adventure and freedom. Winding road connecting you to beautiful beaches, in-between the wildflowers (during spring), game reserves, and to top it off the beautiful back drop of Table Mountain. It just shouts beauty, adventure, and freedom.

Although we are not just any coffee company, our goal is to focus on specialty coffee and helping other coffee enthusiasts become their own “home barista”. Learning how to make a great cup of coffee at home is so rewarding. The skill of making the perfect cup of coffee is a cherished skill.

Not only will you take great pride in your caffeinated creations, but you will also be able to show off this skill with friends and family.

All our specialty coffees are carefully picked. We realized during lock down of 2020, we missed a good cup of coffee and did not know how to get our hands on freshly roasted coffee beans. With limited resources, we started off roasting coffee beans in a cheap popcorn machine, which forced us to research and teach ourselves about roasting coffee. Exactly like the famous Afrikaans saying “Boer maak ‘n plan”.

We shared these roasts with friends and family, they kept asking us for more! We thought well lets open up to the public. 

We invested in a bench top roaster, created an online store after a few months opened our beautiful coffee trailer. 

As we started perfecting the coffee roasts with a benchtop roaster, we also started to pair them with different brew methods. Teaching friends and family how to use different brew methods, resulting in another passion to help create more home baristas!

We are also passionate about trying to find the best milk alternatives to suit and bring out the best of a coffee. 

We are passionate about the outdoors too! Most of the coffee brewing equipment we offer are aimed to use on adventure! Whether it’s in your kitchen/office, outside in your yard, on a hiking trip or even on the beach. We want to cater for everyone who loves to enjoy coffee anywhere and anytime of the day.

Our goal is to create a community of home baristas.

There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee, it’s so rewarding and once you know that skill you open the door to so much more flavour and opportunity to really experiment with specialty coffee!

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