The best method to brew CBD coffee is with a plunger (French Press) / Espresso / Bean to Cup Machine / Moka Pot (Stovetop).

Plunger (French Press) Method to brew CBD Coffee

A coffee plunger allows the coffee to brew without being exposed to pressure or the boiling process. This results in a taste that is quite different from espresso machines. You can also control the amount of ground coffee and water you use, as well as water temperature, to create a brew just the way you like it.

Brewing CBD Coffee in a plunger (French Press) results in a full bodied coffee and does not filter out all of those good oils.

Check out our preffered French Press (Plunger) brewing recipe

You can also order a the brewing method online

Espresso / Bean to Cup Machine / Moka Pot (Stovetop):

These brewing methods are great for CBD infused coffee, however make sure to extract slightly longer to ensure all of those oils are extracted from the coffee.


Filter is not recommended for CBD Infused coffee unless it is through a metal filter that will allow the oils to pass through and into the cup.

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