A Home-Barista is a lot like being a professional that works in a coffee house, you want to put as much love and effort into each cup as if someone was paying for it! 

Although at times being a Home-Barista can be very frustrating especially when you do a quick google search on the best way to make an espresso / improve a pour-over and find many contradictory facts.

Therefore, we recommend learning basics from a single place before venturing out on your own. 

By basics we mean dosing, distributing, brew ratios, water temperature etc. While there is more than one way to make a delicious cup of coffee, we recommend starting with consistent basics, gaining confidence and proficiency, and then venturing off to more advanced fine-tuning techniques. 

Although our brew products cater more for the adventure barista, you can use them at home and if we want to be philosophical your body is your home! 

You should check out the following local guys to learn more about consistent basics:       

We advise getting the essential tools to become a Home Barista.

Coffee brewing equipment for a home-barista:

To make an Espresso brew use the following: 

  1. Nanopress
  2. Mini presso
  3. Aeropress 

Emersion Brew:

  1. French Press/Plunger Coffee
  2. Small-U French Press Plunger

Pour Over: 

  1. Crystal Eye dripper (Similar to a V60)
  2. Cuppamoka 

Filter Coffee:

  1. Pipamoka Portable coffee maker and flask


“Coffee only has 2 ingredients – coffee & water. So much of the flavor of the coffee comes from how these 2 interact.” A coffee grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment you can own.

Especially because you will want to rather buy beans than already ground coffee. The benefit of whole bean coffee is having the freshest cup possible every time if properly stored. 

  1. Hand Grinders
  2. Electric Grinders


For pour over recipes we suggest using our pour-over kettles.

The electric variable temp pour-over kettle is great for consistency and precision as well as to control the temperature. 

You can check out our kettles on our online store


Choosing a coffee will depend entirely on your taste and what roast your prefer. 

But we suggest getting beans as mentioned you will want to have the freshest cup possible each time you make coffee. Grinding your coffee before brewing it allows you to experience that. 

Ground limits you to one brew method. 

As each brew method has its own grind for eg: 

  • AreoPress – Fine ground
  • V60 – Medium ground
  • Plunger – Corse ground
  • Espresso – Very fine ground

We have 3 x single origins and 1 x blend so far.

Check out our coffee range in our online shop.


“Ninety-eight percent of what you find in your cup of coffee is water,” says Martha Grill, a recent winner of the Brazilian Barista Championship. “If you don’t take care of the quality of your water, you can ruin the best coffee you’ll ever find.”

If you would like to take your coffee to the next level check out the coffee filtration kit in our coffee accessories

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