Struggling to find the perfect French Press / Plunger Coffee recipe, look no further. We have tested this recipe and tweaked it to a taste that leaves us going! Yes! Great Coffee.

It is important to us, that we offer great coffee and help everyone experience great coffee. Hoping to inspire them enough to become their own home baristas!

*It is very important you follow the recipe. Making coffee is an act of science!


RECIPE for French Press/ Plunger Coffee:

  • Use 16.66 :1 ratio (water : coffee)
  • 30grams = 500ml (roughly 5 table spoons)
  • Brew time: 2.5 mins
  • Water temperature around 90C degrees (roughly 45 seconds after boil)

HOW TO MAKE THE BEST BEACH BAY BREW with a French Press / Coffee Plunger:

  1. Boil water, as soon as the kettle shuts off – leave top open for 45 seconds
  2. Pre heat your plunger with the freshly boiled water and throw water out of plunger
  3. Pour your ground coffee into the plunger
  4. 45 seconds after boil, fill up 500ml of water – making sure all the grounds are wet
  5. Don’t stir the coffee yet and leave for 2 minutes (important to use your timer here) with the lid off (Take in the smell of that deliciousness as the coffee blooms)
  6. At 2 minutes, give the coffee a few gentle stirs, put the lid on and wait until 2:30 to start plunging. Plunger down for the next 20 seconds.
  7. Let coffee stand for a minute before drinking

*If you prefer a stronger brew, go for a 15:1 ratio (30grams = 450ml water)


Let us know in the comments how your coffee turned out. If you have any cool recipes to share with us please leave them in the comments.

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